About HealthBank

HealthBank is a complete cloud-based practice management and telehealth software system that is licensed to Allied Health professionals, which allows you to conduct secure video or audio consultations with your patients and monitor their health, diet, treatment programs and lifestyle through our online portal.

HealthBank is the first online platform in Australia that offers practice management software as well as virtual consultation with the ability to record treatment notes and upload secure medical test results to help make a business and/or clinic totally paperless.

HealthBank allows both clients and practitioners to make online bookings with the option for appointments being face-to-face, virtual or audio, which help reduce costs for your clients by saving them the hassle of waiting rooms, commuting to clinics and overcoming challenges for the time-poor and those in remote and rural areas.

By being able to provide greater accessibility to healthcare, it results in greater compliance, less sickness, better preventative care and, most importantly, a happier and healthier nation.

We pride ourselves in being the authority for nutritional evidence-based treatment and therefore, only accept Accredited Practitioners to build an ever growing community of thought leaders in integrative health. This way, we are able to share knowledge and resources such as research and referrals, resulting in better patient outcomes.

We also like to help our practitioners to further their education and professional development by alerting you to relevant seminars, presentations and webinars based on your expertise and personal interests.

HealthBank is built for practitioners, by practitioners.