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Jadine Hanys


Jadine has a keen interest in gut health, chronic skin conditions, holistic sports nutrition, female hormone health and fertility & mental health. (visit to find out more) Jadine takes a whole person-centred approach. There is no cure all, no one 'diet' that fixes all. Many myths surround nutrition, and many external influences affect our food choices. Jadine provides nutritional advice based upon the latest scientific research and her client’s personal health goals. Jadine will provide the tools and knowledge to 'nourish yourself to vitality' through sustainable practices tailored to you. With simple, realistic, non-restrictive recommendations to achieve your health goals. Her approach is to identify the root cause of illness with a full health assessment utilising functional pathology testing where applicable and considering possible environmental exposure. Jadine believes education and knowledge are key to empowering her clients to make long term positive changes towards optimal health. Testing includes but isn’t limited to; Hormone profiling – DUTCH hormone testing Allergy / Food sensitivities Gut microbiome Macro/micro nutrient deficiencies Stress & neurotransmitter profiling Adrenal fatigue testing – chronic prolonged stress conditions DNA testing Testing is utilised when required to help understand the root cause of presenting signs & symptoms.


Kim Harris

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner

ABOUT KIM: Kim has been a practitioner of Oriental Medicine for the past 20 years. Her approach incorporates a unique combination of all of the Oriental healing techniques, not just Traditional Chinese Medicine. This supports her clients to restore balance and harmony with treatment plans that acknowledge their own particular lives and needs. These plans may draw on: • Acupuncture, Cupping and Moxibustion • Chinese Patent Herbal Medicine • Oriental Nutritional Medicine • Massage/Bodywork • Oriental Counselling • I-Ching Astrology • Feng Shui – Inner/Outer alignment KIM’S FOCUS: Kim’s focus is to assist others to recover wholeness, accept increased responsibility for their health problems and develop an understanding of how to deal with their health challenges more effectively. This approach of treating, educating and maintaining is one she uses every day in her own life. KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE: Kim understands the impact of daily life on all levels: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. She came to Oriental Medicine after 13 years working in a high demand environment in the finance sector, has built an effective business while juggling the demands of being a mum and now brings 20 years of experience supporting clients to transform their health and well-being. Kim has a deep understanding of the causes of disease and illness as well as a love of exploring and learning from daily experiences … something she has nurtured since childhood. Supported by this wisdom (and a safe and trusting space) Kim’s clients have the opportunity to make connections between their inner and outer worlds, transforming their health and well-being beyond the level of symptoms. Kim takes into account all areas of a client’s life including lifestyle, diet and nutrition, environment, stress and emotions.


Graeme Hodges

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Wallan Wallan Natural Therapies - Dr Graeme Hodges Graduate Diploma of Health Industry Management, Curtin University (2015) Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine), RMIT University (2003) Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy, RMIT University (1999) Certified mBIT Coach Musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction Pain management Neck and Back pain Occupational injuries Sports injuries Lifestyle and dietary advice Stress and Anxiety Emotional conditions Bookings via: