About HealthBank

HealthBank is a digital health and telemedicine company, which helps connect patients to highly qualified health practitioners allowing them to deliver secured virtual appointments and monitor their health, diet, and lifestyle.

We believe that healthcare should be created equal for all, regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity, location and time availability.

HealthBank was founded with a single purpose: To revolutionise the way preventative healthcare is delivered and to improve the availability and accessibility of high quality health services for every person on earth. There are so many individuals who need or want healthcare for various health conditions but may not have the budget, access, motivation or free time to see a health practitioner. That's why we created HealthBank.

HealthBank combines the latest technology with the knowledge and experience of the best allied health professionals to make healthcare simpler, better, and more personalised and accessible for people everywhere.

Our goal is to help people around the globe live happier, healthier lives.

Patient Testimonials

Nina Kazmierczak

Partner and Principal Advisor for Sovereign Wealth Group

”HealthBank provided me with thorough care and support which had me bounce back to a much healthier self. For a busy lifestyle the online appointment platform was my saviour.”

Josh Phillips

Producer for Nickelodeon

”HealthBank makes it easy to schedule appointments at times that suit me and helped me understand the importance of diet and nutrition when it comes to achieving my goals.”

Andrew Papadopoulos

Fitness Expert, Entrepreneur

”HealthBank has been revolutionary for me. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to optimise their health, performance and own understanding of themselves.”