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Kate Driver


I am a caring & compassionate qualified naturopath, consulting since the year the 2000. I specialise in women's healthin including hormones, gut issues, thyroid and adrenal issues. I consult in clinic in South Australia and online and I offer programs and courses. Look out for my regular online workshops/webinars. Check out my website for my blogs and videos on all areas of health, but particularly gut and hormone health. Check out my websites for more information here >>> and for women over 40 and in perimenopause>>>>


Rebecca Tarver



Belinda Gleeson


Belinda is an experienced midwife, having over 20 years working in the public & private sectors in various states of Australia, and overseas, and Private Practice Home Births. Belinda is passionate about natural birthing and offers home birth services in southern, central and eastern Tasmania. She has birth pools available for hire for her clients, and women birthing elsewhere. Belinda also offers naturopathy and herbal medicine consultations.


Liza Ranelli

Certified Practicing Nutritionist
Exercise Physiologist

BHSc (Nutritional Medicine); AFMPC; Certified Integrative Oncology; ANTA; ANutr; Sports Sc (ACHPER); ASCTA; Cert IV TAE Having personal experience with multiple complicated health issues, I am passionate about helping people to achieve optimum health through diet and exercise. After spending my youth, teenage and young adult years as an athlete in multiple sports, I decided to dedicate my career to the fitness industry , educating, coaching and mentoring children , adolescence and adults for over 25 years. I then decided to do further studies in Nutritional Medicine to be able to offer clients a broader approach to improving health and wellbeing. I have studied Integrative Oncology and Functional Medicine at The “Institute of Function Medicine” in America to become Western Australias Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. I also mentor athletes to achieve there goals through addressing their nutritional intake and looking at their exercise requirements, lifestyle and how these impact on the symptoms they present with. Working with Western Medicine in those patients with chronic illness, we endeavour to support the body through clinical, holistic , integrative and functional nutrition to support all the body’s systems. With a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and other tertiary qualifications in fitness, I utilise an evidence-based approach and the latest scientific research to formulate personalised individual treatment plans for my clients, no matter what symptoms or medical issues they’re dealing with. I have a strong background in Sports nutrition and treating clients with autoimmune conditions, mental health problems, children’s health, endocrinological disorders, cancer, rare diseases and gut disorders. I am dedicated to helping my clients, no matter how complicated their health concerns may be. I’ve spent many years helping others including my family and friends overcome their health challenges as well as my own health issues. I am a compassionate and non-judgemental practitioner with experience dealing with a wide range of symptoms and medical conditions. If you’re looking for a functional medicine clinician or tailored nutrition, fitness advice, or you feel like you’ve tried everything to get better and have had no joy, contact me today for a consult. My FOCUS is to listen to my patients and identifying the cause of the symptom(s), I endeavour to help patients understand what is happening and FOCUS on re-educating them to acquire optimum health and wellbeing and prevent further heath problems or chronic disease.


Anita Montersino


Hello I am Anita and I deal with women who struggle with energy, sleep and sudden weight gain. I use a thyroflex to accurately test your Thyroid (engine) and check in with the hormones that follow the thyroid. I use an AO scan to improve focus, concentration and emotional intelligence for mental wellbeing. Programs are available those struggling with hashimoto's, peri/post menopause (for zest) and thyroid/adrenal disorders. Manipulative Muscle Therapy is very efficient for scoliosis, whiplash injuries and tailbone issues. Aches, pain and sprains a speciality! My background as a Naturopath is a combination of ayurveda, chinese and western medicine. Remedial Therapist, Sports therapist and post graduate yoga. I have been in practise for over 20 years and still loving it!


Sofie Ehrlich


I'm a Sydney-based Clinical Nutritionist and Health Coach with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, along with certification from IIN. Through my own health journey, I've faced digestive, hormonal, autoimmune, weight, and CIRS challenges, all while becoming a mom to two young boys. This firsthand experience has given me deep empathy for the emotional and physical struggles patients go through. As a busy mom myself, I understand the need for simple and effective health strategies that fit into our hectic lives. In today's confusing health landscape, I'm here to provide clarity. My approach is rooted in science and functional medicine, personalised to each patient. I educate clients to empower them with the "why" and "how" behind their health improvements, making changes that are not only achievable but also sustainable. Let's work together for your best health.


Sophie Hanley

Massage Therapist

Sophie is a highly qualified and experienced nutritionist, who believes in the power of balanced nutrition to create healthier more energised lives. Her approach is rooted in evidence-based practices, focusing on a holistic and individualised approach with each client. She takes a simple approach, using food to replenish the body, and lifestyle practices to improve emotional and physical health. She also works with functional medicine lab testing to eliminate any guess work and reveal the root cause of symptoms.


Berryman Rochelle


In a world where we are bombarded with fad diets and information at our finger tips, Rochelle will help you cut through the confusion and support you with easy, simple to understand nutrition advise. Rochelle will empower you to nourish and love your own body the way it was designed to be. Rochelle's passions are in sports nutrition, optimising brain health and restoring energy. Rochelle has recently graduated from Nature Care College Sydney with an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine and her mission is to become a healing influencer. Her dream is to educate you and take you back-to-basics to heal your body through real food.


Alexandra Casemore


Alex takes the guesswork out of health by creating goal orientated and health plans to help you through every step of the way. Making practical and effective use of natural medicine therapies such as herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and dietary plans. Alex aims to address the underlying cause of illness, restoring the body to wellness, helping you to look and feel fantastic. Alex is a degree qualified naturopath dedicated to inspiring and educating you to live a healthy and happy life. She has a special interest in emotional well-being, digestive health, detoxification, skin health, fertility, autoimmunity and thyroid disorders. Alex recognises the importance of treating clients with individualised health protocols and has designed evidence-based detoxification programs to promote hormone balance and improve digestive health. She is an empathetic listener, passionate teacher and believes even the smallest changes can make a world of difference. “It was just never meant to be so hard. Everyone is different and unique in their own way. I’m not here to tell you how to be, but to help you be the best version of yourself. Whatever your health goal may be, we can work together and give you the tools to live the very best life” – Alex