Fleur Dean

Vital Energy Nutritional Medicine

Certified Practicing Nutritionist Functional Medicine Practitioner Nutritionist

Professional Memberships

  • Australasian Association and Register of Practicing Nutritionists (AARPN)
  • Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Clinic Address

  • DROMANA, VIC 3936
  • Full address available after making a booking.

Business Registration Details

  • Vital Energy Nutritional Medicine
  • ABN/ACN: 53405137860
Map Not Available


Nutritional Medicine is founded on the principle that nutrients, including essential micronutrients, are vital for the functioning of all the biochemical processes within our bodies. I like to focus on food as medicine first, alongside lifestyle choices and supplements only if required.

When we are focussing on treating symptoms or diseases, we constantly search for any underlying causes, which can be genetic but are often related to nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors.

I like to focus on the mind, body and soul for optimal health.
By focusing on each clients mind, body and soul, only then can we truely improve our health and wellbeing.

I work with many health issues:

Endometriosis - Founder of 'The Freedom From Endo Pain Process' - a 12 Week Program
Heart health
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Autoimmune diseases
Digestive health
Weight management
Liver health
Systemic inflammation
Functional Blood Analysis
NDIS support for plan or self managed funds
Smart DNA testing and GUT microbiome testing.