Karen Aroney


Certified Practicing Nutritionist Executive Health Coach Nutritionist

Professional Memberships

  • Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA)

Business Registration Details

  • ExecFuel
  • ABN/ACN: 55665646775


Karen's expertise lies in leveraging food as a powerful tool to optimize performance without succumbing to self-sabotage or deprivation. Drawing upon her background as a sports nutritionist, psychologist, and mother of twins, she crafts tailored nutrition plans and programs tailored to fit seamlessly into busy lifestyles.

Karen operates ExecFuel Pty Ltd and is an accredited nutritionist, with a background in psychology. With over a decade of first-hand experience navigating the landscape, Karen brings a profound understanding of the challenges faced by High Performers. As the founder and operator of ExecFuel Pty Ltd, she is dedicated to empowering individuals to strike a harmonious balance between professional success and personal well-being.

No stranger to the working professional arena, Karen's goal is to support you to find that balance between working hard, whilst also living your healthiest, fittest life.

From personalized VIP coaching to dynamic group programs and interactive seminars, Karen offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at fuelling high performers to reach their health and fitness goals and stay there. Her evidence based approach delivers measurable improvements in High Performers engagement, retention, and bottom-line results.