Katy Lawryk

Katy Lawryk

Bachelor of Exercise Science & Nutrition. Bachelor Clinical Sciences double major Complementary medicine & Naturopathic studies.


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  • ABN/ACN: 40618598673


Katy's education and training include modalities covering Exercise Science, Nutrition and Naturopathy

Qualified Metabolic Balance® Practitioner

How would you feel if your METABOLISM just worked?

Wouldn't it be nice if WEIGHT LOSS was just a side effect to you getting well and staying well?

How much energy would you have if you could resolve your inflammation and get to the root cause of your health conditions using food?

Do you suffer from any of the conditions listed below and have never been able to get well and stay well?

Metabolic Balance® is uniquely specific and completely individualised.

Metabolic Balance® requires
-Recent and specific blood test results
-Body measurements
-Health history
To formulate a plan made precisely for you to best address your health challenges.

The entire 12 Week Program includes :

7 x Consultations to ensure your success

Pathology Request Form (No GP required)

4-Phase Personalised Nutrition Plan for Long Term Success

Metabolic Balance® app, so you always have the plan with you

A Metabolic Balance® Welcome Pack

Incredible support throughout your entire journey!

Conditions Metabolic Balance® can assist with include:

Female health - hormone imbalances which can lead too:

-Weight Gain
-Fertility issues
-Gut health, bloating, constipation, IBS, SIBO, gut permeability & Yeast Infections
-Irregular, Painful, Missing, & Heavy Periods
-Acne & Skin Conditions including eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
-Breast changes, Swelling, Tenderness
-Headaches, Migraines, Brain Fog
-Hair Loss & Excess Body Hair
-Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Panic & Mood disorders
-Menopause, Hot Flushes
-Loss of Libido, Painful Intercourse

Male Health - Hormone imbalances which can lead too:
-Insomnia & Sleep Issues
-Weight Gain
-Brain Fog
-Metabolic Syndrome - diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol
-Gut health - bloating, constipation, IBS, SIBO, gut permeability
-Decrease Sexual Performance
-Inability to Maintain Muscle Mass
-Depression, Anxiety, Aggression, Irritability
-Heart Disease

Katy's specialties and passions come from years of working in multiple areas within the health industry. Having gained experience in a variety of health modalities per the years of education and training in gyms and fitness centres, as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, lifeguard, swim instructor, and Rehabilitation Specialist for the Australian Commonwealth Government in Alice Springs, Northern Territory with indigenous communities, before continuing with further study at a number of universities in Australia.

Katy's passions for working in rehabilitation continued to sports, taking on a role as a Rugby Union trainer, on the coaching panel for the Australian Rugby Union, Queensland Men’s Rugby Union division as an Exercise Scientist and Sports Naturopath, with a specialty in sports performance, rehabilitation, recovery, nutrition, supplementation, men’s health and hormones.

This experience and more have culminated in private practice, launching a specialty Naturopathic Clinic and Dispensary, KIN & TONICS, an online digital practice.

With 10 years of health-based education and clinical experience, Katy develops researched-based individually tailored treatment plans which incorporate diet and lifestyle modifications, nutritional medicine, supplementation, herbal medicine, and functional testing.