Mel Trebilcock

Mel Trebilcock


Professional Memberships

  • Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Clinic Address

  • WINDSOR, QLD 4030
  • Full address available after making a booking.

Business Registration Details

  • Melt Nutrition
  • ABN/ACN: 13792318048
Map Not Available


I am a nutrition specialist passionate about helping clients achieve their body goals and lose weight permanently. My mission is to help you in moving your body to wellness to live an energised, confident life - providing practical, evidence-based nutrition and diet advice, meal plans, recipes and support. I have helped hundreds of women sail through menopause with ease, with programs that practically rebalance hormones and bring back in the healthy and happy with long-term success. Whatever your needs, I have a personalised plan for you that will suit your diet preferences, nutritional needs and lifestyle.
I have completed a postgraduate Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, a Bachelor of Music Performance, a Masters of Music from Northwestern University in Chicago and am a qualified pilates instructor. I have been privately consulting as an Accredited Practicing Nutritionist for over six years, both in my clinic at Stonewall Medical Centre and online with clients throughout Australia and overseas.
For further information and free recipes please visit www.meltkitchen
To contact Mel text/phone 0418 872 279, or send a DM at @meltkitchen