Rochelle Waite

Rochelle Waite


Professional Memberships

  • Complementary Medicine Association (CMA)

Business Registration Details

  • The Health Suite - Naturopathic Medicine
  • ABN/ACN: 43353837086


Ms Rochelle Waite is the only Naturopath in Australia to have Masters Degrees in both Immunology and Reproductive Medicine. She is the owner of The Health Suite - Naturopathic Medicine and a Naturopathic Fertility and Women's Health specialist offering online consultations to both women and men in Australia and overseas.

She routinely runs clinics on the Gold Coast and Melbourne to those who prefer face to face consultations. Please feel free to book a complimentary discovery meeting to discuss your health needs to determine if we are right for you! Email [email protected] for your special booking code.

Please visit our website for more information or follow us on Facebook @TheHealthSuite