Samantha Bloom

Samantha Bloom


Professional Memberships

  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Business Registration Details

  • Health & Bloom
  • ABN/ACN: 77619972146


As a nutritionist, health coach and passionate foodie, I draw upon both science and holistic principles to treat each individual case in a way that is effective, sustainable and enjoyable. My philosophy is deeply rooted in whole food, plant-based nutrition and using food as the wonderful medicine that it is! I take an investigative approach to each client and will always tailor treatment plans to the individual, their specific concerns and personal goals, with an emphasis on diet and lifestyle, and utilising supplementation where necessary. I believe in patient education and empowerment to form long-lasting healthy habits. Ultimately, you will learn how to make the right choices for your health on your own and feel good doing it!

Areas of passion are:
Healthy, sustainable weight loss/gain and overall healthy eating principles;
Optimising vegan diets and transitions;
Gut and digestive health;
Women's health;
Chronic/adrenal fatigue;
Thyroid health;
Autoimmune conditions;
Cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.

What to expect from our time together:
In-depth consultation including holistic review of body systems, dietary analysis, health history, lifestyle factors, measurements (where appropriate);
Pathology and functional testing referral/review and addressing nutritional deficiencies;
Detailed treatment plan outlining recommended dietary and lifestyle changes targeted toward short and long-term goals as well as strategies to overcome potential barriers;
Meal plans, shopping lists, recipe ideas, stress management guidelines and relevant information sheets;
Ongoing support and contact.