Sarah Lawrence

The Naked Nutritionist

Certified Practicing Nutritionist Counsellor Nutritionist

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Business Registration Details

  • The Naked Nutritionist
  • ABN/ACN: 70163740932


With a passion for optimising health, I am a clinical nutritionist with eight years of study in the field. My journey began with a bachelor's qualification, and I've honed my expertise in men's health, specialising in sexual health and men’s fertility. Beyond that, my diverse skill set encompasses addressing digestive issues, allergies, intolerances, fatigue, mental health concerns, weight management, body composition, sports nutrition, and hormone balance for both men & women.

I bring an additional dimension to my practice as I complete my post graduate degree in counselling. Studying this qualification has enabled me to not only address nutritional challenges but also provide counselling support for patients navigating emotional aspects.

Over the past ten years, my professional trajectory has led me through the dynamic landscape of the sports industry. Currently, I'm committed to making a lasting impact in men's healthcare, leveraging my knowledge and experience to guide individuals on their path to optimal well-being. Whether guiding individuals through weight loss journeys or addressing nuanced health concerns, my holistic approach is centered on empowering both men and women to achieve their optimal health.