Suzzi Hartery

Suzzi Hartery


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  • The Feel Good Society | Suzzi Hartery
  • ABN/ACN: 60347030236


Suzzi is an Award Winning Distinction Level Naturopath with 5+ years clinical experience. Founder of The Feel Good Society - Women's Wellness Naturopathic Clinic.

The Feel Good Society was born from a passion to support women in every stage of life. Weaving the healing power of nature with evidence-based science. From menstruation to menopause, preconception care to postpartum, The Feel Good Society provides a nourishing and welcoming space for women to feel good - daily.

In your consultation, you will have time and space to explore your health issues. You will be heard.

Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy) | Post Graduate Cert. Human Nutrition (Deakin University) | Currently Completing - PhD Integrative Medicine

Consultations are available online or by phone.