Wendy James

Circle of Health


Professional Memberships

  • Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Business Registration Details

  • Circle of Health
  • ABN/ACN: 40736515066


The fundamental philosophy for Circle of Health is that all people should have the opportunity to live long, healthy lives. What I have learnt from my studies, life experiences and noticing gaps in the education of young adults aged 20 to 30 years, this business initiative has been developed to empower them to be manage their own health and wellbeing and establish preventative health practices with a commitment to sharing and providing education, information, strategies and motivation to improve their health and food choices to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.
Circle of Health offers online consultation sessions to create a comprehensive health assessment and the development of a personalised treatment plan that considers the client's unique needs and supports their overall health and nutrition-related goals.
Experiencing ongoing health issues from early childhood and growing up in a rural community on my grandparent's property provided an environment for healthy living, implementing sustainable and ethical practices with the farm to table process and in later life when I moved to the city, discovering the benefits of healthy dietary practices, exercise and lifestyle strategies recommended by Clinical Nutritionists, Dietitians and other holistic health professionals which ultimately led to the decision to study the Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine).