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Rachel McKeown

Credentialled Diabetes Educator

Rachel is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Credentialled Diabetes Educator with over 15 years experience in management of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weight management, food allergies and intolerances, nutrition in aged care, gut health, and overall general nutrition advice. Rachel has a keen interest in fitness, also having a Certificate III in Fitness. Rachel regularly writes for Diabetic Living magazine and the Australian Diabetes Educator (ADE) publication.


Carrun Squires

Integrative Medical Practitioner

Qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator with a focus on prevention of type 2 diabetes and related complications such as cardiovascular disease. Natural health solutions for insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues.


Jeannette Scapens


I Support and empower women in their prime to better health, more energy & to feel great! I am a qualified Holistic Women's Wellness Naturopath, Metabolic Balance Coach (Personalised Nutrition Program for Wellness/Weight Loss), NLP Practitioner/Coach, Time Line Therapy (R) Practitioner & Hypnotist. My focus areas with additional certification & experience in Weight Loss, Quitting bad habits, Thyroid Recovery, Peri/Menopause but I can help with most health issues. Let me support you.


Diana Miranda


Hi There! I am Diana Miranda, a dedicated Clinical Nutritionist, and an experienced Metabolic Balance Coach, ready to be your guide on a personalized path to optimal wellness. If you're seeking a journey of transformation, I'm here to provide you with a thoughtfully customized action plan. Together, we will ignite your metabolism, revitalize your vitality, shed excess weight, and regain control over the challenging symptoms often associated with menopause. Our shared objective is to foster hormonal balance and liberate you from the burdens of overwhelm. My true passion lies in empowering women as they navigate the transformative phase of menopause, with a special emphasis on revitalizing the body, mind, and soul. In addition to my expertise in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Balance Personalised Nutrition Coaching Program, I hold certifications as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and a Naturopathic Emotional Release Practitioner. These additional skills allow me to provide comprehensive support on your journey toward becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Initiating this empowering journey is straightforward; you can explore what's right for you in a discovery call or take action and book your initial consultation with me today! Let's embark on this transformative path together. Diana Miranda


Lina Morvillo


As a Clinical Nutritionist I can work with you to discover the root cause of your ill health, using a range of pathology and functional testing, to assess your biochemistry function. Treatments may include healthy food swaps, supplementation, detoxification programs, weight loss programs, lifestyle modifications and referrals to transform your health and restore vitality. Womens Health - Thyroid disorders - Metabolic Disorders - Autoimmunity - Cardiovascular Health - Childrens Health - Diabetes - Weight Loss - Gut Issues - Constipation/Diarrhoea


Tracy Gaibisso


Tracy is a Masters trained Naturopath with 20+ years clinical experience with a strong focus in the area of Pre-conception, Fertility and Hormones.She provides the BEYOND fertility program for couples struggling with fertility or as a Pre Conception program. Her post graduate training in wellness and teaching provides her with additional skills to meet you where you are at on your health journey and work alongside you for optimal outcomes. She also provides mentoring in pre-conception and fertility to Naturopathic and Nutritional students/practitioners and health and wellness coaching to busy stressed executives


Sayne Dalton


I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist with 3 nutrition degrees including a PhD in nutrition science (University of Wollongong). I am committed to helping my clients reach their health goals using the best available scientific evidence. I am passionate about using a client-centered approach in my practice and respect people's diverse views and beliefs about food and nutrition. I provide dietary advice and interventions in a range of areas: - Eating for optimum health - Weight management/concern - surgical and non-surgical approaches - High cholesterol - Hypertension - Type-2 diabetes - Insulin resistance - PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) - Fatty liver - Irritable Bowel Syndrome/FODMAP DIETS - Food Allergies - Food intolerances/RPA Elimination Diet - Diverticulitis/diverticulosis - Vegetarian nutrition - Food-related anaemia - And more.... At the heart of my practice I seek to facilitate healthy dietary change in a way that nurtures a healthy body image and relationship with food.


Bridget Love


Bridget is an experienced Naturopath who specialises in weight loss. She is passionate about teaching women how to live a healthy lifestyle rather than focus on a diet. She is also an Emotion Release Technique (ERT) practitioner which helps to address the emotional blocks that might be sabotaging weight loss. She uses the Metabolic Balance ® program which is internationally renowned with proven success. Metabolic Balance is a lifestyle program and teaches women how to eat well long term without feeling deprived or hungry. Metabolic Balance is also very effective at reducing cholesterol and other metabolic markers as well as balancing thyroid and reproductive hormones. Bridget also uses The Plant Reset Method which she developed to support plant based clients on a weight loss journey. This plant based whole foods program focuses on ensuring women are getting the right macronutrients specific to them. Everything is personalised to the client and this is the method Bridget herself uses. Support and accountability and mindset work are major aspects of both programs. Book in a free 10 minute discovery call to learn more


Jo Atkinson


Jo Atkinson - Mums & Bubs Nutrition 💕 Nurturing mothers and their children Pregnancy | Postpartum | Parenting Support 1:1 Online Consultations Online Introducing Solids Program I work with women and children to support a range of health conditions including; Pregnancy & Postpartum health & wellbeing including; ✨ Nutrition throughout each trimester ✨ Gestational diabetes ✨ Breastfeeding support ✨ Perinatal depression &/or anxiety ✨ Postpartum depletion Children's Health including; ✨ Introducing solids ✨ Gut health ✨ Eczema ✨ Food intolerances ✨ Growth & development concerns ✨ Autism, ADHD, anxiety