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Lauren Michel


*** Please note that clinic will be closed from 17th December, 2022 for the Christmas/New Year break. Consultations are available from Tuesday 17th January, 2023. I wish you all a safe, happy and healthy Christmas and New Year!*** Lauren is a degree-qualified Clinical Nutritionist who has a special interest in helping people who are experiencing stress, burnout, insomnia, adrenal issues and the associated health conditions that often go along with them, including digestive, thyroid & hormonal issues, fatigue, diabetes, cholesterol etc. As a thriving survivor of burnout/adrenal exhaustion & PTSD herself, she knows first hand how difficult it can be to recover but also knows that it is possible to feel alive, happy and healthy again. Her holistic approach acknowledges the therapeutic power of food and nutrition and strives to identify and treat the cause of the dysfunction (not just by managing the symptoms) to restore balance to your body, mind and spirit. Lauren is also able to refer and analyse a variety of functional medical tests including microbiome testing, blood pathology, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and genetic testing. She is looking forward to working with you to discover the pieces of your unique health puzzle and help you address your health concerns by providing nutritional education and creating personalised, evidence-based treatment plans encompassing dietary, lifestyle and supplemental recommendations to help you optimise your health & wellbeing. Appointments are available online for people all over Australia with in-person appointments available in Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia for local clients (dependant on Covid-19 Restrictions and lockdowns). All new clients must book an Nutritionist New Client appointment of 90 minutes. Follow-up and Review Consultations may only be booked after attending an initial consultation.


Kazumi Uemura


Naturopath, Metabolic Balance® Practitioner, Herbalist and Beauty Therapist, specializing in women's health and digestive wellness I am a Japanese-born Australian Naturopath and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Growing up within Japanese culture, traditional herbal medicines are fully adopted for medicine and natural healing. Being familiar with natures healing gifts and the innate human healing ability, a lifetime passion becomes a career as a naturopathic practitioner. My experience, knowledge and nature itself are focused on helping others become the healthy people they should be. My main focus and passion is women's health, especially menopause, fertility, and hormone-related reproductive issues. I have been a natural therapist for more than 10 years in helping women to transform their lives to become healthier and happier through natural therapies. My Mission Health is the state of balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. Addressing the underlying causes and aspects of a person’s life, I choose herbal medicines, nutritional therapies and dietary programs to empower an individual’s innate healing ability. My mission is to work intimately with clients to achieve their optimal health and well-being. My unique services to offer My unique abilities enable me to offer a combination of beauty therapy, massage therapy and naturopathic treatment to support both internal and external health, beauty and well-being. Qualifications Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy Diploma of Beauty Therapy Certificate IV Massage Therapy Certificate IV Training & Assessment in Workplace Accredited Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) Thai Traditional Womb Balancing Therapy Practitioner


Shona Edwards

Exercise Physiologist

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time you check out my profile! I've been working as an exercise physiologist for 4 years now and I love it. I feel so privileged that I get to work with people on such a personal level. I enjoying connecting socially with all my patients and truly am grateful for all they have shared with me what they have taught me, clinically and emotionally, over the years - I am so lucky! I aim to provide a good DOSE (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins) through my movement prescription to make sure you leaving feeling stoked about reaching your goals no matter how big or small. Even if you're not too sure about what you think your goals could or should be, I will challenge you to do your best and no less. It crazy what can be achieved when you have the right team - I hope to be a part of yours!


Richard Baywood


Richard Baywood began practicing as a Naturopath in 1999, with clinics in Brisbane, Port Macquarie, and now Kempsey. He took several years off in Queensland where he studied and then worked as an Advanced Care Paramedic for the QLD Ambulance service. This helped to increase his Medical knowledge, providing a realistic and balanced view of Complementary Medicine. Richard holds an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Diploma of Paramedical Science, Diploma of Botanic Medicine, and a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology). His philosophy is simple, because health should be simple and something that everyone can have control over. Health is a combination of a balance between the Body, Mind and Spirit. Each Consultation involves a medical history and health analysis involving iridology and traditional techniques used to assess the state of your body. A script involving nutritional supplementation and or personalised herbal medicine/nutritional compounding will be given according to the results of the examination. Additionally, if requested access to integrative pathology services and DNA testing provide powerful and modern day tools which help to uncover a deeper understanding of your health.


Megan van Genderen


Megan is Clinical Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine from Endeavour College. Megan specialises in family health, which means anything from shopping and preparing meals for the family, to focussing on functional foods to help with illness, disease, recurring sickness, behaviour, inflammation - tailoring treatment specifically to client preferences and life stage. Megan cultivates wellness from tiny to wise. She calls the Central Coast of NSW my home, in her beach house with divine husband, gorgeous children and snobby bischoodle pup. Megan's been helping others all her life. From coaching and umpiring on the Netball Courts as a young Megan, to volunteering in Ethiopia in her mid twenties, to accepting the role of a Step Mum, to becoming a Mum, and to caring for her Mother in Law living with Alzheimers. Megan just really likes people, connecting with people and genuinely likes helping people. So it’s no wonder Megan loves practising as a Nutritionist, as she gets to help people everyday in their journey to sustainable health and wellbeing. ​


Charis Brown

Registered Nurse

My passion for achieving health through nutrition began in my own health journey, where I have benefited considerably from using ‘food as medicine’ and regaining control of my own health. I am passionate about 'empowering women to regain energy and perform at peak' using a natural nutrition approach. I love to enable women to improve their energy, reduce fatigue and clear their brain fog through eating the right foods and fuelling in the right way. On a professional level, I have worked with helping people manage and regain their health for nearly 20 years in the capacity as nutritionist and Nurse Clinician. I have post graduate qualifications in Human Nutrition, Performance Nutrition and a Masters in Public Health. I have also completed additional training in Nutrition for Peri/menopause for active women to reshape nutrition and training in this demographic. During a consultation together, we take a whole person view and not just focusing on symptoms. I combine evidenced based nutrition with your goals to help get you there! I work with doctors and specialists of all modalities along with other allied health practitioners to achieve best outcomes. I’d love to help you!


Linda Dal Molin


Hi, I’m Linda. For 23 years as a Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Western Herbalist, I have been meeting with people who really want to reach optimal health and happiness, but don’t know where to start. I provide a signature holistic health service, taking thorough case histories of each patient, using evidence-based clinical treatment plans, so you can truly heal. You will receive a tailored healing protocol backed up with the latest scientific research and an immediate toolkit you can access any time to feel better. My specialties include: > Women’s Health. I help you overcome the challenges of menopause. Having gone through the transition in my mid-forties, I am familiar with the challenges of this time. > Digestive / Gastrointestinal Issues. I utilise functional testing here primarily the DNA PCR GIMAP Test from Diagnostic Solutions Lab USA. > Stress/Adrenal Health. Markers of adrenal fatigue and stress hormones can be also measured via the OMX Metabolobic Testing. > Anti-Aging / Skin Conditions > Mood Imbalances I look forward to connecting with you and to understand more about how I can help.


Jessica Scott-Young


Jessica Scott Young is a clinical nutritionist and northern beaches local. Having grown up with a love of food and the outdoors, Jess embraces an integrated approach to health and wellbeing. Jess is passionate about using ‘food as medicine’, encouraging clients to eat ‘real food’ and implement the basic pillars of good health in a simple and manageable way. Having spent over a decade in the fast paced media industry, Jess was drawn to nutritional medicine through her own struggles with burnout and gut health. Passionate about gut health, Jess created her own bone broth business when living London, frequenting the local markets in the depths of winter to educate people on the importance of gut and immune health. The solution - one cup of nourishing bone broth a day. Returning home in 2018, Jess created her own no nasties, gut lovin’ pate called The Gut Jar which she now sells to further support client’s gut and iron needs. The Gut Jar pate was created to support people with low iron, digestive disorders, postpartum women and fussy eaters (aka kids) as a way to nourish their needs with nature's most nutrient dense superfood - liver. The Gut Jar aims to make liver sexy again #uglydelicious. Jess has a special interest in teen health, digestive health, thyroid health, stress/ burnout, mood disorders such as anxiety, and postpartum depletion. When not practicing, you can find Jess whipping up a batch of her gut lovin’ pate, at pilates, ocean swimming, cuddling her nieces, hunting out the best coffee spots, wandering the local farmers markets and enjoying dinner parties with friends.


Chris Haddock


Chris completed his Master of Applied Psychology specialising in Sport and Exercise at the University of Queensland. He is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and Fellow of the College of Sport and Exercise Psychology. Chris was also a primary school P.E teacher for 10 years. Chris displays integrity, passion and expertise in promoting consistent peak performance for individuals, athletes and coaches. Chris has experience working with youth and development academies and elite athletes for a number of sporting organisations, including most recently the South Australian Institute of Sport, South Australian Cricket Association, West Adelaide Football Club, Royal Adelaide Golf Club Queensland AFL Youth squads (U16 and U18) and the Gold Coast Suns Academy. Chris has displayed a vast array of knowledge in his 5 years working in high performance sport, as well as brining his own personal knowledge from being a semi-professional athlete. During this time Chris has worked with a wide range of clientele, including children and older adults. Chris is very passionate about sport, exercise and promoting health and wellbeing through positive psychology and physical activity. He encourages a multidisciplinary approach to general health and wellbeing with an emphasis on psychological, physical and environmental factors that affect behaviours and performance.

Mile End