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Melanie Peers


I am a degree qualified nutritionist and mother with a special interest in children's health, environmental medicine and oxalates


Sara Fieschi


As a Clinical and Cosmic Nutritionist, I deeply understand the balance between self-nurturing and client support in the business realm. I'm dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs in smoother self-nourishment. Neglecting personal well-being as a entrepreneur risks burnout, hampering vital work. My passion is helping female entrepreneurs prioritise self-care through 20+ years of experience in clinical, cosmic, and bio-individual nutritional medicine. I guide female entrepreneurs to unlock their healing potential, avoiding burnout. By blending clinical and cosmic nutrition, I aid clients in personalising self-honour and nourishment, fostering ease in both life spheres. My vision is to create a community of empowered and balanced entrepreneurs, where the pursuit of vibrant health is intertwined with the passion to support and uplift others. Let's create a future where entrepreneurs inspire through well-being, while making a significant difference in the lives of their clients and customers. For female entrepreneurs, seeking self-nourishment and vitality, I'm here to guide your transformative journey. Let's embrace purpose, vitality, and positive impact.


Kelly Bright

Certified Practicing Nutritionist


Berryman Rochelle


In a world where we are bombarded with fad diets and information at our finger tips, Rochelle will help you cut through the confusion and support you with easy, simple to understand nutrition advise. Rochelle will empower you to nourish and love your own body the way it was designed to be. Rochelle's passions are in sports nutrition, optimising brain health and restoring energy. Rochelle has recently graduated from Nature Care College Sydney with an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine and her mission is to become a healing influencer. Her dream is to educate you and take you back-to-basics to heal your body through real food.


Charis Brown

Registered Nurse

My passion for achieving health through nutrition began in my own health journey, where I have benefited considerably from using ‘food as medicine’ and regaining control of my own health. I am passionate about 'empowering women to regain energy and perform at peak' using a natural nutrition approach. I love to enable women to improve their energy, reduce fatigue and clear their brain fog through eating the right foods and fuelling in the right way. On a professional level, I have worked with helping people manage and regain their health for nearly 20 years in the capacity as nutritionist and Nurse Clinician. I have post graduate qualifications in Human Nutrition, Performance Nutrition and a Masters in Public Health. I have also completed additional training in Nutrition for Peri/menopause for active women to reshape nutrition and training in this demographic. During a consultation together, we take a whole person view and not just focusing on symptoms. I combine evidenced based nutrition with your goals to help get you there! I work with doctors and specialists of all modalities along with other allied health practitioners to achieve best outcomes. I’d love to help you!


Nikita Wasson


Nikita is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who has experience in a wide range of health areas, having worked in the Lower South East with a diverse client base since 2015. She is passionate about identifying client’s goals and helping them to feel in control of their health, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. Nikita has a wealth of knowledge and can help you achieve health and happiness. You will love her compassionate, thorough and personal approach. Talk to your doctor about a referral, as you may qualify for Medicare rebates. You can also reach Nikita on 0411 213 568 or through her website: QUALIFICATION DETAILS Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics Additional training in cognitive behaviour therapy, non-diet approach counselling, eating disorders, breastfeeding and lactation, bariatric surgery and irritable bowel syndrome. Currently completing additional study to become a diabetes educator.


Nena Aleschewski

Massage Therapist

Nena offers holistic breastfeeding care through her naturopathic skills, alongside extensive breastfeeding knowledge, to achieve the best outcome for the mother-baby dyad and has a strong passion for helping all families in their infant feeding journeys. She provides care and support to a diversity of families with infants and babies who have feeding concerns and breastfeeding goals. Nena provides clinical advice, information and support for breastfeeding and other infant feeding concerns as well as unsettled infant behaviour. As a mother, Nena brings confidence and experience to her professional practice.