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Belinda Gleeson


Belinda is an experienced midwife, having over 20 years working in the public & private sectors in various states of Australia, and overseas, and Private Practice Home Births. Belinda is passionate about natural birthing and offers home birth services in southern, central and eastern Tasmania. She has birth pools available for hire for her clients, and women birthing elsewhere. Belinda also offers naturopathy and herbal medicine consultations.


Chloe McLeod



Alison Tehan


Alison is a qualified Nutritionist and Wellness Coach who is passionate about inspiring and empowering people to make nutritious food choices so they can feel energised and achieve optimum health and wellbeing. She provides clients with a holistic, realistic and individual approach to a nutrition plan that leads to improved health choices. Alison works holistically in the areas of womens health, gut health and lifestage nutrition


Emily Gardem


I am a degree qualified Clinical Nutritionist, and trained Chef with over 20 years experience in the kitchen. I love food, and i love nutrition and what better way then to combine the two together! I learnt the hard way several years ago what extreme stress can do to the body. After working hard as a chef for 15 years, I found myself to be burnt out, highly stressed and constantly exhausted - i didn't recognise myself in the mirror any more. I wasn't well, miserable and had lost direction in my life. After falling pregnant with my first child, i had the wake-up call or “sliding doors” moment I needed - this was not the way I wanted to live anymore. I realised that my passion lay with natural health, and decided to focus solely on my degree.Today, i am a different person, and am so passionate about helping others be the best versions of themselves that they can, that they can be happy, healthy and stress free! What i will do: * Show you that eating well does not mean bland, boring, or expensive * Encourage positive relationships between food and body image * Tailor nutrition and treatment plans specific to your individual needs - there is no one size fits all approach * Explain in detail the benefits of good nutrition, and why they are specially important to you What i won't do: * Use the word “diet” ( its all about dietary modifications) * Ban chocolate or sometime's foods completely from your diet (we all need balance in our lives, and food is to be enjoyed! - its all about moderation!) * Set unrealistic goals


Caroline Kim


Caroline is a clinical naturopath based in Sydney. Caroline is committed to helping her clients achieve their optimal health by integrating evidence-based natural therapies with traditional wisdom. Caroline uses gentle, effective and natural solutions to help you achieve long term improvements, not quick fixes.


Kim Harris

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner

ABOUT KIM: Kim has been a practitioner of Oriental Medicine for the past 20 years. Her approach incorporates a unique combination of all of the Oriental healing techniques, not just Traditional Chinese Medicine. This supports her clients to restore balance and harmony with treatment plans that acknowledge their own particular lives and needs. These plans may draw on: • Acupuncture, Cupping and Moxibustion • Chinese Patent Herbal Medicine • Oriental Nutritional Medicine • Massage/Bodywork • Oriental Counselling • I-Ching Astrology • Feng Shui – Inner/Outer alignment KIM’S FOCUS: Kim’s focus is to assist others to recover wholeness, accept increased responsibility for their health problems and develop an understanding of how to deal with their health challenges more effectively. This approach of treating, educating and maintaining is one she uses every day in her own life. KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE: Kim understands the impact of daily life on all levels: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. She came to Oriental Medicine after 13 years working in a high demand environment in the finance sector, has built an effective business while juggling the demands of being a mum and now brings 20 years of experience supporting clients to transform their health and well-being. Kim has a deep understanding of the causes of disease and illness as well as a love of exploring and learning from daily experiences … something she has nurtured since childhood. Supported by this wisdom (and a safe and trusting space) Kim’s clients have the opportunity to make connections between their inner and outer worlds, transforming their health and well-being beyond the level of symptoms. Kim takes into account all areas of a client’s life including lifestyle, diet and nutrition, environment, stress and emotions.


Gillian Finch


Movement for you - Online Physiotherapy Consultations I am an experienced physiotherapist ready to help guide you through your rehabilitation. I will help you find the underlying imbalances and reasons behind your pain or injury and will work with you to strengthen and balance these findings. I have worked in physiotherapy treatment rooms for the past 17 years and have vast experience in treating injuries, postural concerns, muscle imbalances and movement difficulties. I am passionate about empowering my clients to take ownership and understand how their body moves. I utilise assessments, treatments and exercises to help you achieve your goal and work towards better health.


Jasna Kosovac


The power of nutrition is very personal to me. After implementing healthy nutritional lifestyle habits, I reversed my symptoms of an autoimmune disease and improved my health. Today as a certified nutritionist (plant based nutrition is my specialty and passion), detox specialist, and proponent of mindful eating habits, I use science based nutritional evaluations and focused, personalized consulting to help others discover health, vitality and well-being. Encouraging positive lifestyle habits, wholesome foods choices and re-balancing the body with the right nutritional supplements, I am on a mission to help people recover their health and feel amazing!