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Fleur Dean

Certified Practicing Nutritionist
Functional Medicine Practitioner

Nutritional Medicine is founded on the principle that nutrients, including essential micronutrients, are vital for the functioning of all the biochemical processes within our bodies. I like to focus on food as medicine first, alongside lifestyle choices and supplements only if required. When we are focussing on treating symptoms or diseases, we constantly search for any underlying causes, which can be genetic but are often related to nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors. I like to focus on the mind, body and soul for optimal health. By focusing on each clients mind, body and soul, only then can we truely improve our health and wellbeing. I work with many health issues: Endometriosis - Founder of 'The Freedom From Endo Pain Process' - a 12 Week Program PCOS Menopause Heart health High cholesterol High blood pressure Diabetes Autoimmune diseases Digestive health Weight management Liver health Systemic inflammation Functional Blood Analysis NDIS support for plan or self managed funds Smart DNA testing and GUT microbiome testing.


Jessica Scott-Young


Jessica Scott Young is a clinical nutritionist and northern beaches local. Having grown up with a love of food and the outdoors, Jess embraces an integrated approach to health and wellbeing. Jess is passionate about using ‘food as medicine’, encouraging clients to eat ‘real food’ and implement the basic pillars of good health in a simple and manageable way. Having spent over a decade in the fast paced media industry, Jess was drawn to nutritional medicine through her own struggles with burnout and gut health. Passionate about gut health, Jess created her own bone broth business when living London, frequenting the local markets in the depths of winter to educate people on the importance of gut and immune health. The solution - one cup of nourishing bone broth a day. Returning home in 2018, Jess created her own no nasties, gut lovin’ pate called The Gut Jar which she now sells to further support client’s gut and iron needs. The Gut Jar pate was created to support people with low iron, digestive disorders, postpartum women and fussy eaters (aka kids) as a way to nourish their needs with nature's most nutrient dense superfood - liver. The Gut Jar aims to make liver sexy again #uglydelicious. Jess has a special interest in teen health, digestive health, thyroid health, stress/ burnout, mood disorders such as anxiety, and postpartum depletion. When not practicing, you can find Jess whipping up a batch of her gut lovin’ pate, at pilates, ocean swimming, cuddling her nieces, hunting out the best coffee spots, wandering the local farmers markets and enjoying dinner parties with friends.


Diana Boot


Diana is a Pharmacist and Naturopath with many years experience helping people manage their health with an integrative approach. She can help you to use diet, lifestyle and complementary medicines to optimise your health, either with or without pharmaceutical medicines. Often the aim of treatment is to avoid or reduce your dependence on prescription medicines, and as an integrative pharmacist, Diana is uniquely placed to help you do this safely. Diana has a kind and caring approach, and will listen to your concerns with empathy and genuine intent to help you towards wholesome good health.


Siu Man (Angel) Fan


My name is Angel, and I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian recognised by Dietitian Australia (DA) . I am passionate about promoting healthy eating habits. Owner of 'Weight Your Options'


Shannon Jolly


Special interests include but are not limited to: - Women's Health - Children's Health - Mental Health Support - Digestive Health


Wendy James


The fundamental philosophy for Circle of Health is that all people should have the opportunity to live long, healthy lives. What I have learnt from my studies, life experiences and noticing gaps in the education of young adults aged 20 to 30 years, this business initiative has been developed to empower them to be manage their own health and wellbeing and establish preventative health practices with a commitment to sharing and providing education, information, strategies and motivation to improve their health and food choices to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Circle of Health offers online consultation sessions to create a comprehensive health assessment and the development of a personalised treatment plan that considers the client's unique needs and supports their overall health and nutrition-related goals. Experiencing ongoing health issues from early childhood and growing up in a rural community on my grandparent's property provided an environment for healthy living, implementing sustainable and ethical practices with the farm to table process and in later life when I moved to the city, discovering the benefits of healthy dietary practices, exercise and lifestyle strategies recommended by Clinical Nutritionists, Dietitians and other holistic health professionals which ultimately led to the decision to study the Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine).


Marcia Beinke


Clinical Nutritionist, specialising in weight loss, health optimisation, corporate health and sports nutrition, using food first principles.


Travis Ford


Travis was born and raised south of Sydney on the shores of Jervis bay. He is a PACFA Registered Clinical Counsellor which is the most prestegious counselling certification in Australia. Upon completing his Bachelor of Counselling with the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) and working at a Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation facility (Odyssey House) he took an opportunity to open a private counselling practice here in Nowra in 2020 called the Catharsis Society. Travis has since completed many advanced training programs including Clinical Hypnotherapy, Applied Neuroscience and Neuro Linguistic Programming and now specialises in CPTSD, PTSD, Trauma Informed Practice, ADHD Coaching, OCD, Depression and Anxiety. Travis has a unique ability to connect with people and build trust which is the cornerstone of The Catharsis Society.


Louise Parslow

Certified Practicing Nutritionist
DNA Emotional Practitioner

Louise is the founder of the DNA Decider Package. This package unlocks the key best foods suited to your genetics and current nutrient status to achieve your ideal weight and vitality. This package can be delivered in smaller sizes to support your immediate need and your budget. It is my mission to take the guesswork out of deciding on the best diet for your body and the best foods and style of exercise for you. This is delivered as the DNA Decider Package. It includes results from your DNA reports, and the HTMA reports to give you the 20 most important foods to include regularly & specific diet, yearly lifestyle detox. I deliver it to you over 12 or so weeks so that you can make a successful implementation and get the support to changes that you can sustain for the long run. You know the importance of having the right team for your support, and investing in your health, for future gain and longevity.