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Bronwyn Morton


I have worked in the health and wellness space for the past 10 years. I am passionate about improving the health of all individuals. I practice a Non-Diet approach to dietetics and consider myself person centred and holistic in my style of care.


Beth Attard

Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Beth, founder of Ecotone Health is a naturopathic herbalist with a passion for supporting you on your health journey. Ecotone Health is committed to your vitality by finding and treating the root cause of your health concerns in a way that honours our symbiotic connection with nature and weaving in best practices as demonstrated through scientific research for a truly wholistic and individualised care plan.


Ron Ehrlich

Executive Health Coach

Dr. Ron is one of Australia’s leading holistic health advocates. Over 40 years of clinical practice he has developed a holistic approach to health and wellness, as well as a comprehensive model of how stress impacts our lives. He is a co-founder of the Sydney Holistic Dental Centre focused on oral health and its impact on systemic health. His 2018 book A Life Less Stressed: The 5 pillars of Health and wellness has been published internationally. His weekly podcast Unstress with Dr. Ron Ehrlich. explores and expands on themes of his book, with world leaders on a wide range of health and environmental issues, workplace wellbeing, and the politics of public health. In 1998, Dr. Ron gained his Fellowship in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (FACNEM). He is a past president of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) of which he is a Life Member. Dr. Ron also has a Fellowship in Lifestyle Medicine (FASLM). In 2013 Dr. Ron completed his Level 1 Executive Coaching qualification (CIECL) with the Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership (IECL) In 2007 he co-founded Nourishing Australia, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to informing, educating, and inspiring people about the critical importance of healthy soils, nutrient-dense foods, and regenerative agriculture, bringing together principles of holistic healthcare and holistic farm management for the health of people, communities and ultimately, our planet. In 2023 he launched Unstress Health, focused on building a community with a shared interest in holistic healthcare and management. Having moved from clinical practice to Executive Health coaching …. Noting, we are all the ‘executives’ of our own lives….. and he is also focused on the world of ‘workplace wellbeing’. Dr. Ron’s passion is to empower individuals to fulfill their potential, take control of their health, build resilience, and be the best they can be. Why Health Coaching? To use an old analogy, the doctor gives the patient a fish so she can eat for a day, whereas the coach teaches the client to fish so she can eat for a lifetime. Change is hard. Making lasting changes that improve your health can be even harder. One study found fewer than 5% of adults engage in the top health behaviours, and only 20% of adults are thriving. Don't we all want to feel good, avoid chronic disease, build meaningful relationships, watch our children and grandchildren grow, perform well at work and have the energy to do all the things we love to do? Health coaching is a personalised and collaborative approach to achieving your wellbeing goals. It is a partnership between you and Dr Ron Ehrlich, working together to navigate the path to a balanced and vibrant life.


Jean Martain


Jean is a degree qualified leading Sydney naturopath experienced in all areas of general naturopathy. Clinical strengths include mental health and thyroid health with a special interest in anxiety, depression and hashimoto's thyroiditis.


Bronwen Greenfield


Bondi Junction

Brooke Allwood


Feeling tired, stressed out, dreading getting out of bed in the morning? Suffering with bloating, IBS, diarrhoea? I can help! I'm Brooke! I'm a food loving, herbal medicine obsessed Naturopath, Nutritionist and Iridologist; I'm the owner of It's All Good. I worked as a Pharmacy Assistant for close to 10 years before completing my Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and my Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine in July 2016. My time as a Pharmacy Assistant exposed me to knowledge about pharmaceutical medications, their benefits and their side effects, and the important role qualified Naturopaths have in preventing and reducing the need for such medications. I am passionate about health and wellness on all levels; physical, mental and emotional, and I always strive to get to the root cause of conditions and treat each person as an individual. I work extensively with medical blood pathology, functional pathology, intolerance/allergy testing, compatibility testing and Iridology in my search for the underlying conditions causing current symptoms. I utilise dietary and lifestyle modifications as well as herbal and nutritional supplements, Australian Bush Flower Essences, homeopathy and energy healing as required to manage symptoms and address the underlying cause. ​ I'm very excited to announce that after 3 years of practicing in Hervey Bay I have now officially opened a second clinic location in the WOTSO Building in Sippy Downs on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. ​


Megan Urbiztondo


I believe that everyone has the right to good health, and science is showing us over and over the importance a balanced diet has on our overall health status. My aim is to reconnect people with the food they eat so they can regain control of their health and wellbeing through whole food nutrition. Using diet and lifestyle refinement tailored to each individual patient I will guide you on your journey to thriving good health. Whist I see clients with all manner of health concerns I do have a special interest in the areas of metabolic health, mental health, skin health and gut health. If the available appointment times do not suit your schedule, please message me to arrange a time.


Graeme Hodges

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Wallan Wallan Natural Therapies - Dr Graeme Hodges Graduate Diploma of Health Industry Management, Curtin University (2015) Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine), RMIT University (2003) Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy, RMIT University (1999) Certified mBIT Coach Musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction Pain management Neck and Back pain Occupational injuries Sports injuries Lifestyle and dietary advice Stress and Anxiety Emotional conditions Bookings via:


Maddy Rose


Hi! I am Maddy Rose. I hold both a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and, a Diploma of Health Science, obtained at Torrens University. This academic background is not just a few credentials but a profound understanding of how holistic healthcare is integral to achieving overall wellness. My passion lies in uncovering the root causes of illness, firmly believing that genuine healing emerges from addressing these roots rather than merely treating symptoms. On a personal note, I've experienced the challenges of anxiety, painful periods, and the journey of coming off the contraceptive pill. These experiences have fueled my passion for mental health and finding balance for women. I am devoted to implementing a patient-centered care approach, considering each individual as a whole, taking into account their unique circumstances, lifestyle, and preferences. I take the time to listen to my clients’ concerns and understand their unique health needs, and I also take the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my clients’ health into account, ensuring that they feel cared for in every way. In my practice, I integrate functional testing with an evidence-based approach to create personalised treatment plans. The combination of modern diagnostic tools and the use traditional herbal medicine allows me to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to healthcare. I'm a firm believer in collaboration with my clients, working together to achieve optimal health and a balanced life. To see what packages and consultations I offer, please see services at I look forward to meeting you.