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Zachary Gallagher


Hi, I'm Zach! I am a naturopath practising in Sydney's inner East. I live and practice a 'food as medicine' approach which I use to assist individuals with: - Digestive issues - Stress /anxiety / mood disturbances - Immune/Autoimmune - Thyroid disorders - CFS - Men's health - HIV support In my practice, my goal is to assist you in optimising your health through dietary and lifestyle modification. I may use integrative. pathology, supplements or herbal medicines to support you during this process.


Rosemary Hsu


I would love to support people with their health journey.


Mel Trebilcock


I am a nutrition specialist passionate about helping clients achieve their body goals and lose weight permanently. My mission is to help you in moving your body to wellness to live an energised, confident life - providing practical, evidence-based nutrition and diet advice, meal plans, recipes and support. I have helped hundreds of women sail through menopause with ease, with programs that practically rebalance hormones and bring back in the healthy and happy with long-term success. Whatever your needs, I have a personalised plan for you that will suit your diet preferences, nutritional needs and lifestyle. I have completed a postgraduate Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, a Bachelor of Music Performance, a Masters of Music from Northwestern University in Chicago and am a qualified pilates instructor. I have been privately consulting as an Accredited Practicing Nutritionist for over six years, both in my clinic at Stonewall Medical Centre and online with clients throughout Australia and overseas. For further information and free recipes please visit www.meltkitchen To contact Mel text/phone 0418 872 279, or send a DM at @meltkitchen


Jadine Hanys


Jadine has a keen interest in gut health, chronic skin conditions, holistic sports nutrition, female hormone health and fertility & mental health. (visit to find out more) Jadine takes a whole person-centred approach. There is no cure all, no one 'diet' that fixes all. Many myths surround nutrition, and many external influences affect our food choices. Jadine provides nutritional advice based upon the latest scientific research and her client’s personal health goals. Jadine will provide the tools and knowledge to 'nourish yourself to vitality' through sustainable practices tailored to you. With simple, realistic, non-restrictive recommendations to achieve your health goals. Her approach is to identify the root cause of illness with a full health assessment utilising functional pathology testing where applicable and considering possible environmental exposure. Jadine believes education and knowledge are key to empowering her clients to make long term positive changes towards optimal health. Testing includes but isn’t limited to; Hormone profiling – DUTCH hormone testing Allergy / Food sensitivities Gut microbiome Macro/micro nutrient deficiencies Stress & neurotransmitter profiling Adrenal fatigue testing – chronic prolonged stress conditions DNA testing Testing is utilised when required to help understand the root cause of presenting signs & symptoms.


Jeannette Scapens


I Support and empower women in their prime to better health, more energy & to feel great! I am a qualified Holistic Women's Wellness Naturopath, Metabolic Balance Coach (Personalised Nutrition Program for Wellness/Weight Loss), NLP Practitioner/Coach, Time Line Therapy (R) Practitioner & Hypnotist. My focus areas with additional certification & experience in Weight Loss, Quitting bad habits, Thyroid Recovery, Peri/Menopause but I can help with most health issues. Let me support you.


Berryman Rochelle


In a world where we are bombarded with fad diets and information at our finger tips, Rochelle will help you cut through the confusion and support you with easy, simple to understand nutrition advise. Rochelle will empower you to nourish and love your own body the way it was designed to be. Rochelle's passions are in sports nutrition, optimising brain health and restoring energy. Rochelle has recently graduated from Nature Care College Sydney with an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine and her mission is to become a healing influencer. Her dream is to educate you and take you back-to-basics to heal your body through real food.


Marni Whish-Wilson

Exercise Physiologist


Megan Urbiztondo


I believe that everyone has the right to good health, and science is showing us over and over the importance a balanced diet has on our overall health status. My aim is to reconnect people with the food they eat so they can regain control of their health and wellbeing through whole food nutrition. Using diet and lifestyle refinement tailored to each individual patient I will guide you on your journey to thriving good health. Whist I see clients with all manner of health concerns I do have a special interest in the areas of metabolic health, mental health, skin health and gut health. If the available appointment times do not suit your schedule, please message me to arrange a time.


Leisha Carmichael


Clinical Nutritionist specialising in gut, skin and thyroid conditions.