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Jadine Hanys BHSc Nutritional Medicine


Jadine has a keen interest in gut health, chronic skin conditions, holistic sports nutrition, female hormone health and fertility & mental health. (visit to find out more) Jadine takes a whole person-centred approach. There is no cure all, no one 'diet' that fixes all. Many myths surround nutrition, and many external influences affect our food choices. Jadine provides nutritional advice based upon the latest scientific research and her client’s personal health goals. Jadine will provide the tools and knowledge to 'nourish yourself to vitality' through sustainable practices tailored to you. With simple, realistic, non-restrictive recommendations to achieve your health goals. Her approach is to identify the root cause of illness with a full health assessment utilising functional pathology testing where applicable and considering possible environmental exposure. Jadine believes education and knowledge are key to empowering her clients to make long term positive changes towards optimal health. Testing includes but isn’t limited to; Hormone profiling – DUTCH hormone testing Allergy / Food sensitivities Gut microbiome Macro/micro nutrient deficiencies Stress & neurotransmitter profiling Adrenal fatigue testing – chronic prolonged stress conditions DNA testing Testing is utilised when required to help understand the root cause of presenting signs & symptoms.


Cate Keen

Certified Practicing Nutritionist

Hello, my name is Cate, and I work as a Nutritionist and Menopause Specialist Coach located in Old Bar, NSW. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Health Science in Food & Nutrition, and I rely on a science-based approach for crafting my guidance plans and nutrition assessments. I specialise in addressing issues related to peri-menopause, menopause, and gut health. My professional background encompasses various roles, including nutrition consultation, health and wellness writing, recipe development, nutrition analysis, and menu planning. These experiences have offered me the opportunity to collaborate with individual clients and community groups, fostering inspiration and positive change. My personal journey with early-onset menopause, attributed to a history of breast cancer, led me to recognise a significant gap in support available for women grappling with symptoms during peri-menopause and menopause. This realisation ignited my passion for assisting women in understanding the underlying causes of their symptoms and making gradual lifestyle adjustments, with a specific emphasis on nutrition, enhancing sleep quality, and stress management. My primary focus centres on active listening to my patients and empowering them with knowledge about their health. I aim to enable individuals to achieve optimal well-being, while also taking proactive steps to help prevent future health issues and chronic diseases.


Wellness By Nutrition


Lee is a degree-qualified Nutritionist who is passionate about Gut Health. Lee takes a holistic approach to all her clients. She wants to know all about your health, your life and your environment. The more she knows about you, the better. Lee believes that treatment is a whole system approach. Gut healing should be a simple, holistic, sustainable, clear approach. If you have tried so many restrictive diets and supplements or been to multiple doctors to alleviate your symptoms, yet they still will not go away. The normal approaches to gut healing are normally medication or learning to live with it, which is really not an effective solution for anyone. Lee does not offer a standard mainstream approach to solving your gut concerns and uses her foundations of gut healing to work out the best approach for you and provide the steps and support to get you there. The tools that used to get there are: • Food and lifestyle strategies that are customised to you, and you only. • Specific functional testing to identify what is going on with your body and address what we find according to the results. • Use of high-quality nutritional supplements (if required) to help support healing. • All treatments given use Evidence-based nutritional medicine. Lee offers single consults and her signature coaching program. If you are interested in the gut reboot program, please book a free discovery call to discuss to ensure that this is the correct program for you.


Prue Tuohy - Enriched Naturopathy


Enriched Naturopathy is dedicated to promoting natural healing and overall well-being. Through personalised treatments, herbal remedies, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle adjustments, I aim to empower individuals to achieve optimal health and vitality. As an experience naturopath, I provide comprehensive care tailored to each client's unique needs, fostering a supportive environment for transformation and growth. Whether addressing chronic conditions, supporting preventive care, or enhancing vitality, Enriched Naturopathy is committed to guiding individuals on their journey to a healthier, happier, enriched life. As a mother myself, I love being able to use natural health and medicine on my children to prevent reduce the impact of chronic disease and the herbals I use in my clinic are tailored to the compliance and tastes for children.


Harriet Harris

Executive Health Coach

As a certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Harriet inherently adopts a holistic approach in her practice, recognising the profound interconnectedness of mind and body. Alongside her studies in integrative nutrition, she has pursued additional certifications in gut health (microbiome) and other Western and traditional modalities. This diverse expertise allows her to offer a comprehensive understanding of holistic wellness to her clients. During consultations, a typical session with Harriet delves into a wide range of subject matter areas, meeting the client where they are at in their wellness journey. It may involve exploring one's mindset, thought patterns, habits and belief systems with genuine curiosity and understanding. Harriet acknowledges that all aspects of life — including relationships, work, passions, mindset, dietary influences etc. — play crucial roles in overall health and well-being. Therefore, she takes into account each of these factors in her holistic approach to wellness. By addressing the interconnectedness of these elements, Harriet aims to guide her clients towards comprehensive and sustainable improvements in their health and quality of life. Furthermore, given Harriet's firsthand experience with food allergies, intolerances, and the intricate interplay between behavior and food, she is deeply passionate about supporting others as they navigate similar challenges for themselves or their family members. Beyond this, her focus extends to youth, mental well-being, and the utilisation of integrative counselling techniques. Due to the profound benefits of grounding, Harriet's in-person sessions take place amidst the natural surroundings of Coolum Beach. Alternate locations such as Noosa and Buderim, as well as flexible scheduling, can be arranged upon request. Alternatively, phone and virtual appointments are also available. For more information about Harriet's comprehensive service offerings, please visit


Herb and Spice Naturopathy


Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist


Holistic Health by Lisa Moane


My name is Lisa Moane, I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and Food Scientist, and it’s my life’s work to help your child thrive by eating the right foods. The perfect diet sounds like hard work, right? And probably expensive. I have good news for you. You can make far better food for your child, than any company or factory. The food you make will be less processed, more nutritious and (yes!) cheaper. I promise, it’s not difficult. I have three young children and I understand what it’s like to balance work, family and other commitments. When I work with families, I make sure the advice I give is practical and can fit into the weekly routine. I will work personally with you and your child, to develop a nutritional plan to support your child to thrive. Lisa