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Chris Haddock


Chris completed his Master of Applied Psychology specialising in Sport and Exercise at the University of Queensland. He is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and Fellow of the College of Sport and Exercise Psychology. Chris was also a primary school P.E teacher for 10 years. Chris displays integrity, passion and expertise in promoting consistent peak performance for individuals, athletes and coaches. Chris has experience working with youth and development academies and elite athletes for a number of sporting organisations, including most recently the South Australian Institute of Sport, South Australian Cricket Association, West Adelaide Football Club, Royal Adelaide Golf Club Queensland AFL Youth squads (U16 and U18) and the Gold Coast Suns Academy. Chris has displayed a vast array of knowledge in his 5 years working in high performance sport, as well as brining his own personal knowledge from being a semi-professional athlete. During this time Chris has worked with a wide range of clientele, including children and older adults. Chris is very passionate about sport, exercise and promoting health and wellbeing through positive psychology and physical activity. He encourages a multidisciplinary approach to general health and wellbeing with an emphasis on psychological, physical and environmental factors that affect behaviours and performance.

Mile End

Veronica Vogel


Veronica is an Accredited Practising Dietitian providing personalised nutrition for a variety of health conditions including gut problems, metabolic issues and hormonal imbalances. She is particularly interested in helping women navigate the perimenopause and menopause to avoid weight gain during this time and optimise healthy ageing, and other hormone imbalances to improve energy, sleep and overall health.


Jo Morgan

Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Jo opened the Herbadashery 2013 with a focus on making her own herbal remedies and giving her community affordable access to quality herbal medicines. Jo studied Herbal Medicine at Nature Care College and has been in practice for 19 years. Jo loves making her own range of herbal bitters, elixirs and syrups, bring herbal medicine into everyday health routines. Jo has always treated whoever walked through her door and the conditions and symptoms they arrive with. She does have a special interest in treating anxiety, gut health, insomnia and perimenopause and has honed her skills at acute infections since practising apothecary style. Over the last 2 years Jo has been studying medical astrology with Kira Sutherland and this has brought a new set of skills and remedies to her practice. Jo has recently moved the Herbadashery to Brookvale (1/1 Mitchell Rd) and will also practice in Manly on Tuesdays (The Upper Room 4a Eustace St).


Carmel Greaves


Carmel is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with 50 years of firsthand experience managing diabetes. Her deep understanding gained from managing diabetes from childhood to adulthood allows her to offer insightful and personalized advice. Carmel's main focus is on the dietary aspects of diabetes care. She helps you understand how the food you eat affects diabetes and how this understanding can assist you in your daily management of diabetes. In addition Carmel has experience in weight management. She uses her practical experience to help people lose weight when they are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, know as the pre-diabetes stage. She also provides ongoing support and advice for weight management to promote long-term good health.


Jean Martain


Jean is a degree qualified leading Sydney naturopath experienced in all areas of general naturopathy. Clinical strengths include mental health and thyroid health with a special interest in anxiety, depression and hashimoto's thyroiditis.


Karlie Stephens


I completed my Diploma of Naturopathy in 1998 and currently hold my Naturopathic Accreditation with CMA. Qualified in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Iridology, Bach Flowers, Acute Homeopathic Prescribing and Remedial Massage. As a Naturopath, my approach to wellness is a holistic one. I treat you as an individual while supporting your whole being and aiming to make you feel comfortable and understood while identifying the underlying cause of your health imbalance. My role in our relationship is to educate you on how to best look after your own health, minimising symptoms of illness, supporting the body’s capacity to heal, and balancing your body and mind. Women’s Health issues is an area I am passionate about. From teenage years to menopause our body is an intricate force able to balance itself and when needed, with the help of nature’s products. When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's I took a special interest in brain health, I wanted to understand the effects of diet, lifestyle choices and specific nutritional/herbal medicine on the brain and to keep it at its optimal health state. I am the mother of two beautiful boys, a daily meditator, occasional yogi and love mountain biking.


Holly Arnold


Holly’s number one focus is ensuring you receive the support, empowerment and understanding you need to improve your health and wellbeing. Using dietary and lifestyle interventions, her primary goal is to arm you with the skills you require to make healthy, balanced choices with your individual body's needs and lifestyle in mind. Holly works with a range of different health conditions, though specialising in weight management and metabolic conditions. Holly’s clinic is located in the heart of Sydney in Redfern but also offers online consultations for both national and international clients. All prospective clients have the opportunity to book a complimentary introductory chat before committing to an initial consultation. Holly offers this precommitment phone chat to ensure she is the right match for you.


Lauren Wood


Lauren is a Bachelor level qualified Naturopath specialising in Gastrointestinal complaints. She has dedicated her work to functional gastrointestinal conditions such as SIBO, IBS, Dysbiosis, idiopathic Constipation and IBD with a keen interest in the Microbiome. Lauren also has a keen interest in women's health, hormones, thyroid the reproductive cycle and fertility. Especially when combining gastrointestinal health and the endocrine system she sees the most significant results in her patients. As a Naturopath, Lauren takes an in-depth case history and utilises functional testing where necessary to investigate and identify what's driving the condition or symptom picture - These include: - Functional pathology - Breath testing - To identify SIBO and food intolerances - Stool testing - Including diagnostic gastrointestinal markers and metagenomic-driven gut microbiome insights (the most advanced form of testing available) - Organic Acids for metabolic profiling, microorganism and mould identification, detoxification, neurotransmitter metabolism and more. Utilising this technology she is able to identify the root cause of the complaint and apply the most effective and targeted treatment. You can subscribe to her website to receive updates, delicious recipes and informative blog posts on the latest research. You can also find her on Instagram @laurenwoodnaturopathy